Which lizard am I talking about? Well, that would be Dragon Models Ltd. of course! It's been two months since they used my M4A3(76)HVSS picture and Scott Taylor's(of Thachweave Products) M4A2 photo in their Straigthening Out The Facts rebuttal regarding their Sherman III and M4A2 Tarawa kits. During this time I have sent them countless emails requesting that they either remove the photo in question or give me photographers credit for my photo. They have yet to respond. They have also failed to respond to Scott's emails regarding the same subject.

So what is Dragon's deal? Can't they even acknowledge an email with a simple yes or no answer. Maybe they are too afraid to admit that they messed up. I guess because Scott and I are here in North America they figure that we'll eventually go away. Well, that isn't going to happen. It would seem fitting to me if the cowards at Dragon changed the companies name to "Chicken Models Ltd" or "CML" to truly represent those who run the company. They could use one of these two new logos: or

If the folks at DML/CML are reading this, Scott and I are asking for one of two simple things: either remove the images from the ad or give us photographers credit on the ad for the use of our images. How simple is that? C'mon, it's real easy. No financial compensation, no public apology, nothing like that. Just put something like "photo/image courtesy of...." C'mon people, it's time to grow some balls and face up to this!

For you modelers and customers of DML products, in my previous commentary posting, I asked you to consider not purchasing DML products in light of DML's business practices. Again, I ask you do to this. I have bought about half a dozen kits since December and none of them have been Dragon. I will continue this until Dragon makes things right with Scott and I. I'll admit that it sucks as I have bought Dragon kits since 1989 and do like their products. However, since they just can't seem to acknowledge my emails with any sort of an answer, my money will still go to other companies without any hesitation.

If not buying DML kits is too difficult for you, how about emailing DML and let them know what you think about them, good or bad. If you think what they are doing regarding mine and Scott's photos is wrong, let them know. If you think "oh well, too bad for you guys" about the pics and want to tell DML what a great job they're doing, let them know too. Here's a selection of email addresses for you to use: Dragon Models email #1, Dragon Models email #2, Dragon Models email #3, or Dragon Models USA #1, Dragon Models USA #2 or Dragon Models USA #3. In any case, let them know what you feel about them. I'm sure they'd like to hear from their customers. And please, any support Scott and I receive from you is greatly appreciated!


Why the above sign? Because Dragon has seen fit to use one of my photographs for their own financial gain without either compensating me for its use or even obtaining my permission. The photo in question is of the upper left side of a M4A3(76)HVSS(see here). This photo is on CD #8 Toadman's M4A3(76)HVSS and M4A2(76)HVSS Sherman Walkaround CD. This picture is being used by Dragon on their website in the current "Inside Story: Sherman Mk III Straightening Out the Facts" ad. This "ad" is a rebuttal to Terry Ashley's reviews of Dragon's M4A2/Sherman III kits. Upon seeing this ad on Monday, 4 DEC 06, I immediately contacted Dragon Models Ltd(DML) in Hong Kong via email to request that they remove said photo. In spite of countless emails since then, I have yet to receive any sort of response from DML. And of course, the photo is still being used by them.

In view of DML's failure to respond and their complete disrespect for intellectual property laws, I urge you to think twice about buying your next DML kit. I know that this is quite alot to ask. I too have been a fan of them for quite sometime and have been very happy with all of the new releases. However, this a matter of justice and fairplay, neither of which DML seems to have a clue or concern about. There are plenty of other kit makers to choose from and I know that they, instead of DML, will be getting my modelling dollar. Who will get yours?

Another possiblity is to let Dragon know how you feel. If you agree that what they are doing in regards to the copyright issue is a load of BS, let them know about it! Email them at one of the following addresses: Dragon Models email #1, Dragon Models email #2, or Dragon Models USA. Be advised that if you are a member of the Mighty Dragon Fan Club(MDFC), you may get banned by them. But really, that's a small price to pay as all of the information posted there ends up elsewhere on the net 1-3 days later. Besides, by not visiting the MDFC, you'll have more time to work on your kits!

Below is an example of how DML treats its customers and members of its "Mighty Dragon Fan Club" or "MDFC"

"A Japanese "Zen" story... --------------------------------- Let me tell you a Japanese “Zen” story. It said once there was an old monk sailing a boat on a peace river and he met a man on the shore asking for a ride. The monk said okay and let him on. However as soon as the man was onboard he started to keep commenting - it's not the way to sail a boat, the direction was not correct, the boat didn't float steadily. He then started to say the issue with body panels is that they are actually held together with large dome screws and not the round rivets, sometimes jumped to the back said the raised weld beads around the hull which again is good to see but they are not depicted correctly as with another boat... The old monk then told the man "please do not disturb me when I am sailing and be careful to fall off the boat!" The man didn't stop and he ended up falling into the river. The old monk saved the man’s life and the boat arrived at the bank of the river."

The above is by "Blogger Hiroshi" of the MDFC and was posted on Wednesday 6 DEC 06. It is a warning that all those who publicly support Terry Ashley will be banned from the MDFC for their views. See the following threads on Missing-Lynx and Treadheadz for more information.