IKV 73

This IKV 73was photographed at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation, Portola Valley, CA in September, 2008. Special thanks to Thord Wedman of Sweden for the following background information:

The strv m/42 came in three different versions:Strv m/42TM with electro magnetic gearbox and twin Scania engines. 100 tanks,Strv m/42TH with hydraulic gearbox and twin Scania engines, 125 tanks.Strv m/42EH with hydraulic gearbox and single Volvo engine, 57 tanks. 56 of these tanks was rebuilt in 1956 and then called ikv 73 and used as infantry support.Most noticable changes are the hull mg removed and a box for track parts mounted in front of where the mg was, a black out light in a small tube on the vehicle front, the lights on the front fenders removed and replaced by one central light, new reflexes.The vehicles was also painted overall green. Later on, after we purchased the Centurion tanks. all vehicles with Scania engines was rebuilt to strv 74 with a new turret and wider tracks.A significant change on those vehicles was that they put one extra periscope in the drivers hatch, the strv m/42 only had one. When modifying the vehicles to strv 74 the turrets was removed and used as fixed gun positions around the coast and on airfields. This means that the vehicle on your walk around has the hull from the strv 74 (twin periscopes in the drivers hatch, new light arrangements and wider tracks) and the turret from a fixed gun position and is rebuilt to look lika a strv m/42.Most correct however is to call it ikv 73 because it's more similar to that vehicle than to a strv m/42. I enclose some links to the swedish armour museums site about strv m/42/ ikv 73 and strv 74. STRV M/42 & IKV 73 and STRV 74. The text is only in swedish but there's some nice images where you can see the differece between the vehicles as I pointed them out. There's no strv m/42 left, all have been rebuilt or scrapped.


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